Connecting the dots of Commitments
Needs a heart to sense the needs of life
Requires the modesty to deliver the desired
Only a heart with a mind can understand
Not just about the logins & passwords
It goes beyond payment gateways
And more than that….which is all about
Levels of convenience, reliability & security that are unmatched
PAYBOARD offers you a one-stop solution for all your personal, professional & business payment related transactional services.
OUR services are multiple gateways configured.
OUR gateways are responsible for processing transactions on time.
OUR online transaction services are fraud velocity filtered.
OUR transactions are routed based on accepted card type and currency.
OUR tie-ups ensure distributing funds into your merchant bank account.
OUR accountability sees your through acknowledgement of transactions made.
OUR Relationship Managers offers you personalized offline payment transactional solutions.