We don't bother about the questions that bothered our ancestors 200 years back.  Today, without our direct intention, we stopped worrying about a healthy meal, pure water, general health etc. etc.....including the relationships.  In the process, it so happened that everything turned mechanical.  However, we have the tendency to 'bite the tongue' once we run over a nightmare and then start thinking about us, our family.....and their survival. This is something that we failed to comprehend & in the process ignored certain critical aspects of life emotions.  Thus it became a 'momentary feeling' than turning out to be an 'objective'.

 In an endeavour to add value to LIFE & to Simplify Life, TRANSBOOK.in

@Transactions are secured, eAccessible centralized repository of transactions performed;
@Records, documents, traces & channelizes the transactions performed by the individual;
@Accessible as transactional ready reckenor customized by product, service, mode, nature etc.;
@Nominee can manage the transactional, financial & critical to life information;
@Shares a secured data access to the proceeds of the nominator;
@Benefits through a scale of reminder / personal / business / financial transactional services;
@Opportunity to recap the transactions, connections & proceeds;
@Offers traditional & electronic services and the creation of the underlying infrastructure;
@Kismet gateway to all personal / financial / business connections & Nominations.