We Understand eLIFE

Managing life in technology-driven times needs a reliable partner to design & implement solutions that simplifies the living…..regardless of the geography or maturity. In the midst of such rapid, even chaotic technological growth, technology infrastructure that is agile, efficient, and cost-effective will become the key differentiator in making people successful and helps them to perfect on their core aspects of life i.e, HAPPY FAMILIES. Given the context, Global organizations are re-examining IT in customer interface processes and looking at how IT can address such day to day life obligations. Indeed, it has become a lever for growth.

                  Not just a Lingo

                  @ Designing Apps for life is in our DNA
                  @ eDiaries to ePocket Planners (ePP) to eGateways
                  @ We treasure the family tree of life (Customers of the Business)
                  @ We emote when your Life Remotes (Support)
                  @ We connect what you treasure (Services)
                  @ We effort to make Life simple for you (IT Solutions)
                  @ Happy Communities is our Business Grammar & Glamour
Our solutions are the result of common man and professional life experiences (cumulative experience of 100 / 200 years) of Technopreneurs who are specialized in extending technology applications for various walks of life duly ensuring data as well as data privacy.