TRANSBOOK is an intellectually integrated platform created by a team of Technopreneurs that serves as a centralized gateway / repository / SPOC to all your personal, financial & business transactions, connections   &   Nominations. The platform / interface enables the users to record, remind, transact, access & share the information with the beneficiary / nominee / kith & kin / near and dear about certain transactions / commitments of life such as - Hand loans to friends / family members / relatives etc., Shares, Mutual funds & other investments etc., Insurance Policies, Fixed Deposits etc., Bank Details, Demat Account etc.

We at Your Service

Access your data from any where

TransBook is simply access your personal transaction book as which will help you to record your

No Data Loss

There are package options for user in TransBook to choose based on transactions, Alerts and security……….

Nominee Facility

Nomination is the facility available to the user to name an individual to receive the proceeds of the account after the demise of the user.


We Understand eLIFE

Managing life in technology-driven times needs a reliable partner to design & implement solutions that simplifies the living…..regardless of the geography or maturity. In the midst of such rapid, even chaotic technological growth, technology infrastructure that is agile, efficient, and cost-effective will become the key ....

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In an Endeavour to add value to LIFE & to Simplify Life,

Provides a secured, eAccessible centralized repository of transactions performed. Offers a scale of reminder / business / financial transactional services to the citizens. Records, documents, traces & channelizes the transactions performed by the individual .....

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Vision, Mission & Values

Connecting Lives & Living

To become a comprehensive, reliable, trusted & preferred electronic pocket planner (ePP) that connects people, finance, commitments, transactions & families.

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Nomination Guard

A Guard for your Ward

A subscriber to TransBook can also register the details of the nominee / name of the person to whom we can share the details in the event of any unfortunate event of life subscriber’s life.

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For a Happy life

In Pursuit of HappYness……
Many Lives, One Destination….
Different Personalities – One State of Mind
All about Building the Relationships….

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In the advent of citizens turning out to be Netizens, social networking has transformed the way people network, the selfie culture has brought a new dimension to the living, smart phones have become......

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Pay Board

Perspective of Life

PAYBOARD offers you a one-stop solution for all your personal, professional & business payment related transactional services. OUR services are multiple gateways configured. OUR gateways are responsible for processing transactions on time. OUR online transaction services are fraud velocity filtered. OUR transactions are routed based on accepted card type and currency. OUR tie-ups ensure distributing funds into your merchant bank account.

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Look into the future

Future – A very crafty & artful thing of life. No one has seen it before it arrived. Every time it happens… happens for the first time. Everyone experiences it only when they journey through it. And many continue to say that FUTURE is UNCERTAIN within its CERTAINITIES

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